Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Geckofest countdown

Ready for Geckofest on Saturday? Gulfport is! Geckos -- paper, plastic, metal -- are plastered all over the storefronts on Beach Blvd. Last night we even saw a couple of real geckos checking out the fake ones, at Domain home furnishings.

So come out Saturday, and look for us! We'll have cookies and iced tea waiting for you. And a raffle, too!


Monday, August 25, 2008


Hey, not sure if everyone has checked out our web site today yet, but we have a fun new promotion going on at www.localshops1.com

As you know, we want to be the most comprehensive site of independent stores. So what we're doing is this: Weekly contest to get more people to submit entries. You can enter as often as you want -- go to browse stores/add entry -- and fill out info on your favorite independent store.
The rules: Entry must include short description, plus phone, address, web site if they have one); and store must be one that's not already listed on our site. And of course, store must be locally owned and independent, within 40 miles or so of Tampa.

Every Saturday we'll go through the week's entries, and pick our favorite. Winner gets $20, payable through check or paypal. Your choice.

Interested? Go to www.localshops1.com and enter today!