Thursday, November 13, 2008

They really do have what I'm "craven"

The advent of cellphone use has done nothing to improve my husband's communication. He hates the phone. He hates being on the phone. He carries one only for emergencies - and, I'm certain, to watch it flash and ring and ignore it when I'm calling.

So if he's off to the store with a list, and heaven forbid I need to add something, most of the time the call goes unanswered. And we go without peanut butter or something crucial like that.

He backed out of the driveway just the other night on a mission to secure us some pizza. Raven's Pizza to be exact. There's a little buzz in the backroads of Manatee about how good their food is. So when I got an ad in the mail from Chef Marko telling me not to cook that night, I took him up on it. Then I saw them on the menu, just as my husband was leaving:

"WINGS!" I shouted in my driveway, waving my arms. "Get the hot wings, too!"

He would have never answered the phone had he hit pavement. Good thing, because those wings were GREAT. Definitely not the typical wings you get as an afterthought from some pizza places. Saucy, and big, not a bit dry. Even the mild ones had some bite! They get a place on the list!

Of course, I welcome you to judge for yourselves. Raven's is open daily at 8255 U.S. Highway 301 N in Parrish. (941) 776-9116 take-out or delivery. Or logon to to order that way, too.