Wednesday, January 7, 2009

In memory of Daddy

When I was seven years old, the nation was embroiled in the Iran Hostage Crisis. And for the first time, I was interested in world news. I wrote letters and spoke out in class and became a tad obsessed.
My father, bless his heart, urged me to be the controversial little person that he saw emerging. "Challenge everything," he told me. And he bought me a 'Khomeini is Crazy' tee shirt. I wore it to school, and they sent me home, of course.
Daddy had crust and sass, and an offbeat sense of humor that offended some, but made me laugh. I inherited all these things from him, and no price can ever be put on them.
He was also the ultimate independent shopper (I think I learned this from him, too) ... he boycotted Walmart and the like, and preferred to trade at little places where they knew him by his first name. He worked at a small lumber company in Providence, RI that right up until his death fought Home Depot and Lowe's to stay afloat. The names he called those two giants I can't even put in print.
Six years ago today, I got the worst phone call anyone could receive. They had found my father dead in his apartment at 56. He'd never been sick a day in his life. I never got to say goodbye. I flew home, and had the awful task of going through Daddy's things to square away his affairs.
Through that, I got to re-learn the man that he was. He wasn't a sinner, and he wasn't a saint, but he was everything in between. Everything that I am today at 36. I see more of my father in me as each year passes, and I am grateful for that.
So good night, Daddy. And thank you for everything.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Great local find - and new life for your broken china!

A Dunedin woman with a passion for homemade jewelry found a great way to showcase broken china and glassware - and a hobby went haywire with beautiful results!

Cracked Up Jewelry, the creation of local jewelry artist Lori Rosenberger, is truly where broken china comes to life. Lori takes all kinds of broken glassware - from Limoges to 1940s dinnerware and everything in between - and handcrafts it into unique, lovely pieces. Her online collection boasts bracelets, earrings and necklaces from Depression glass, Hobnail, milk glass, art deco, Flow Blue, Mulberry and even broken pop bottles. Fantastic vintage-inspired creations!

Lori specializes in custom work, and can even take antique photographs and transform them into romantic wearable treasures. What a unique gift! And a great way to breathe new life into a broken heirloom.

Cracked Up Jewelry's work is displayed at local consignment shops from time to time, but you can view her current collection at